Software Development

Have you been searching for that application to solve your problem, and just can't find the right fit?  Talk to me about developing a solution, taylor made to your requirements.

From Javascript to PHP, VB to C++ and everything in between.  I have a small team of developers who can handle any project.  We specialise in interfacing Microsoft Office Applications to further improve your workflow.

Software Maintenance

Do you have an application you need supported?  Maybe your developer is no longer available and you need someone to fix some features they didn't get to.  Give me a call and discuss how I can solve your ongoing development needs.

Code Debugging

Are your inhouse programmers stuck?  Need help fixing a bug?  or maybe just need another point of view to solve a logic issue.  I can help.

Hardware Design

Our team has experience in circuit design, and work with a number of prototyping system.